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PRO Ball hockey goalie pads ReasonY MP CARBON

PRO Ball hockey goalie pads ReasonY MP CARBON

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Production takes 4 weeks

ReasonY MP CARBON line will allow you to superslide. MP stands for Modular Platform, which means that the pads are assembled from building blocks that you can change, upgrade or replace at any time at your home. This advance model is using original carbon fibre base that provides durability and light construction. ReasonY MP Carbon ball hockey pads provide you with great leg channel comfort and superior sliding ability. The leg channel does not hold sweat so the pad stays light during multiple games.

H (cm/inches) Size
42.5cm / 17" 34
45cm / 18" 35
47.5cm / 19" 36
50cm / 20" 37
52.5cm / 21" 38

T (cm/inches) Size
21.5cm / 8.5" +1
24cm / 9.5" +2
26.5cm / 10.5" +3

Please measure your old thighrise and choose the length on your new pads according to your needs.

NOTE: The optimal size of a thigh rise depends on the width and flexibility of your hips; it does not depend on the length of your femur (thigh bone). A thigh rise that is not in proportion with the width of your hips can hinder mobility and increase the possibility of injury.

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